Vinos Antonio Montero

Our winery is, overall, a family farming settled in the pleasant wine tradition in the Ribeiro. So much so that its original name “Antonio Montero” has been maintained generation after generation, being the anthroponym of the three current winery managers: the “grandfather”, the “father” and the “grandson”.

In this humble way and opting overall for the authentic and enduring wine tradition of our privileged land, our winery has grown, achievement after achievement, until becoming one of the most solid brands in the Ribeiro.

Therefore, if we had to define ourselves, we would just introduce ourselves as the result of the union of three different generations, which with their wit and know-how have attained what was only a utopia for many: “to embody the different stages on a man’s life in one unique body, shaped as wine”.

Santa María, Nº 7
Alejandro Montero

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