Viña Costeira was founded in 1968 and stands today as the biggest winery in Galicia. It produces designation of origin wines and has a capacity of 10 million litres for red and white wines belonging to the Ribeiro and the Valdeorras designations. At present, it has about 600 wine associates. Since its foundation, and just in a few years, the winery has turned into the wine referent in the Ribeiro region and in Galicia.

It currently accounts for about 40% of the wine production in the Ribeiro Designation of Origin and is the leading company within the sector. The winery produces white and red wines under the Ribeiro Designation of Origin and the Valdeorras Designation of Origin. Besides, they produce liquors that are recognised by the Regulatory Council of the Traditional Galician Spirits and Liquors Geographical Indications.

Valdepereira S/N Ribadavia C.P. 32415 Ourense
988 477 210
Ramón Mosquera (Export Manager)

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