Antonio Cajide Gulin (Adega Sameirás)

It is a small winery which only works with what is produced in their vineyards. Grateful for the received legacy and proud of what we do, our work is plain to the eye and our results are valued.

At Adega Sameirás we have not only inherited the tradition of our ancestors in winemaking, they have also conveyed respect for the environment and from them we receive a very important legacy of varieties of wine with different clones of each of them, which we will try to conserve for generations to come.
Due to the variety of soils, in Adega Sameirás we work with six rootstocks, which we use according to the type of soil and its affinity to each variety.

Continuing with the tradition, we continue tying the branches with wicker, and the branches with raffia and reed, materials that once they stop fulfilling their function become part of the soil as organic matter. Although the vineyard does not need a large amount of fertilizer, the little we use is organic fertilizer rich in trace elements.

Santo André Nº 98- 32415 Ribadavia - Ourense
Antonio Cajide Gulin

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