Quinta do Rebolo

We are a small winery, located in the heart of the Ribeiro Designation of Origin, an area of a long-lasting history and vine-producing tradition.

Our wines come from hard-working hands, who love the land and the vines, by taking care of each vine with absolute passion, so that they can grow those fruits with which we make our beloved wines.

Day by day, we work committed to quality, in order to promote the good wine culture and not lose our traditions.

Although the two current partners already worked separately, in 2013 we decided to join our vineyards and set up a winery, and share efforts to face the challenges in a more competitive way.

Our name, “Quinta do Rebolo”, comes from a family nickname that has been used for generations. Therefore, we decided to continue with this tradition and carry on with the story of those who started the beautiful work with still perform today.

Ctra nº120 pk. 589-32459 Xubin (Cenlle) Ourense
Alejandro González Vázquez

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