Quesos Feijoo

Quesos Feijoo factory has had four master cheese makers in its 70 years of operation. From the first one to the last one, they have followed the homemade recipe inherited from San Salvador de Celanova monastery a century ago. The quality parameter has been kept from the beginning to the end. This is our story, these are our distinguishing marks: handicraft, tradition and quality.

We exert ourselves to bring our dreams to your table.

Our dream is to be closer to you every day: we want to share your celebrations, your reunions and your daily life. Our dream is to cross borders: our cheeses travel by sea and air to arrive in every country. Our dream is to enlarge our staff: a big family working together. Our dream it to have new production lines: an effective and efficient R&D&I. Our dream is to master better techniques with more and better means.

Those dreams are now a reality. They are at your table.

Lugar O Tellado Nº 3, Acebedo del Río
988 431 045
Julio José Alonso Feijoo

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