Posada Marrón Glacé, S.L.

P O S A D A is a company with a long-lasting family tradition that is headquartered in Ourense.

Its beginning dates back to 1955, when José Posada Torres started the exportation of fresh chestnuts to Brazil. Our main activity is the creation of chestnut-derived products, such as the marron glacé, chestnut purée, chestnuts in syrup, marron glacé cream, naturally-cooked chestnuts, etc. We export our products with the ‘POSADA’ brand from Galicia to America, Europe and Japan, being the latter one of our main markets in which we have been present since 1968.

We are a company known worldwide because of our marron glacé (candied and glazed chestnuts with a slight hint of vanilla). José Posada was the first Spanish businessman in creating this product with Spain-based facilities.

Chestnuts are the basis for our products. In fact, we commercialise naturally-cooked chestnuts, chestnuts in syrup, chestnut purée, chestnut creams, pâté, etc… Indeed, we also produce different types of marron glacé: traditional-style, brandy-candied or coated with a thin layer of black chocolate. Our marron glacé is usually eaten directly. However, it is also the basis of many desserts, among which you can find our renowned “marron glacé cream”. It is seasoned with a touch of vanilla and it is a basic ingredient for sauces, garnishes and ice creams.

We have been awarded both at a national and at an international level. We must highlight the ‘Monde Selection Award’ Gold Medal for third year in a row, the ‘Expansión Award for Internationalisation’ and the ‘CEO Award for Business Excellence’.


Pol. Ind. San Cibrao das Viñas C/6. C.P. 32901. San Cibrao das Viñas. Ourense
988 23 05 45
Miguel Veiga

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