Pizarras Samaca

For 50 years, the company group located in Carballeda de Valdeorras has been devoted to the extraction and transformation of slate blocks coming from the different quarries nearby.

SAMACA group has managed to be successful thanks to a sustainable industrial development and a high-quality service. Every piece of slate is treated with extreme care since extraction. Our purpose is to attain an exceptionally high-quality product with unique properties and beauty that features an exclusive and original finish.

Undoubtedly, the commercial success of our material is due to the excellent product quality. However, the big interest of the international markets to acquire Spanish slate is not only related to its quality but also to the wide array of colour-scheme, texture, shape and size varieties. It is precisely why SAMACA has a competitive edge thanks to the wide range of products it features.

Apart from the products’ material qualities, SAMACA has a team of seasoned and trained professionals that are able to provide precise technical information and counselling, availability, legal framework, experience… Every market has its own teams and is backed by the strength of an authorised network of well-chosen distributors.

El trigal, Sobradelo de Valdeorras, C.P. 32337 O Barco de Valdeorras Ourense
988 335 555
Manuel Pérez

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