In Peccatum Craft Beer

In Peccatum Craft Beer was created in 2013 under the “Keltius Beer” registered trademark, producing Belgian style beers in a small brewpub in Ourense.

The company has been growing little by little and reaching new markets, starting from local and regional markets to later expand to a national level.

At the same time, the range of beers has also grown, allowing us to be creative and fulfill the new styles demanded by the market. Our turning point came in 2015 with the release of the official beer of the most important rock band in our land: Los Suaves. It was then when we started expanding our market outside our borders. Because of that, we decided to leave the brewpub and move to an industrial area, thus completely devoting ourselves to beer production and distribution. We acquired new machinery, which allowed us to triple the production volume as well as automating most of the process.

Nowadays, our company can be found in 10 different countries all over the world. We produce more than 35 different references in three formats: can, bottle and barrel. We look forward to continue growing and improving the quality of beers, day after day.

O Viso, 3ª - Cudeiro, (Ourense)
988 602 487
Alberto Gómez Trabazos

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