Cuñas Davia

CUÑAS DAVIA is a small family winery which is located in Cuñas, right in the middle of the Avia valley: the cradle of the best Ribeiro wines. The history of the winery and the vineyards is closely linked to San Clodio Monastery, to which it belonged over 800 years ago when it started its activities.

It has just over 4 hectares of vineyard surrounding the winery, which has been restored following the original architectural elements and materials. Nowadays it is equipped with all the means needed for the production of high-quality wines.

Its wines have a limited production and are created from the grapes coming from its vineyards. Therefore, they feature a genuine personality, authenticity and exclusivity.

Cuñas s/n 32454 Cenlle (OU)
+34 669 892 681
Alberto Úbeda

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