Bodegas Pazo de Aguiar. Londinel

LONDINEL SL was set up in 2001 thanks to an initiative promoted by BODEGAS PAZO DE AGUIAR SA with the purpose of fulfilling the distribution needs for its products.
Its founder, Eduardo Cid Fernández, was a real liquor expert. He understood that the best way to break into the liquor world was aiming for high-quality spirits and basing his company structure on innovation and development.
Hence, LONDINEL SL is a young and dynamic company. However, the current owners have been working on the spirit drinks production for many years and have been able to position their brand both at a national and international level thanks to a well-deserved prestige granted by the quality of their liquors.
One of our mottos is the innovation and the creation of new products while granting quality and food safety. That is why our organisation has the ISO 9001/2008 accreditation. What is more, we are currently willing to be certified by the IFS and the BRC. This is thanks to the exclusive dedication of our Department of Quality and Food Safety.

Parque Empresarial Pereiro de Aguiar. Vial 2-Parc.1. 32710. Ourense
988 250 708 - 988 225 882
Agar Meruéndano Lira/Jordana Meruéndano Lira

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