Bodegas Godeval

For 30 years, Bodegas Godeval has produced its wines with the same effort and determination. This Galician company belongs to the Valdeorras designation of origin and, as a matter of fact, started with the recovering of the white Godello variety back in the 1980s. With that purpose, they started their project in the facilities located in Xagoaza (O Barco). This is a historical enclosure where they used a wing of the medieval Monastery of Xagoaza as a winery.

There, they had a plantation of their own vineyards which they used to follow their maxim: “wine is made in the vineyards”. These facilities and plantations were enlarged with the passing of time and due to the necessity to keep meeting their customers’ needs. The new winery was designed to be a viewpoint in the valley where tradition and modernity were united.

S.A.T. Godeval 32300 • O Barco de Valdeorras Ourense (España)
627 683 467
Emilio Fafian Rodríguez

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