Bodega Garandela

Bodega Gandarela is located in the left bank of the River Miño. It was founded in 1989 after a long family tradition. Our wine-making activities are based on the traditional know-how that has been passed from parents to sons until today. In Bodega Gandarela, we have inherited the family tradition associated to wine and wine-making within the Ribeiro DO. Our ancestors already did this job indeed; although emigration marked their lives at certain times, wine and wine-making activities were always the pillar of their economy. Little things that a child will learn from his grandfather, who will make him feel the passion for a land, a history and a know-how running through his veins. This is the best heritage they could have left us with memories laden with tradition.

Ours is a very special land for its poor granitic ground and its climate. However, the River Miño acts as a cold and frost regulator and keeps the ideal conditions so we can grow the best grapes and finally obtain our Gran Gandarela and Elixir de Gandarela wines with the best varieties of Treixadura, Torrontés, Loureira and Godello.

Puga 1 – Toén – Ourense
Olga Penedo

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