Aguas de Sousas

The company has an extensive distribution network that covers the whole Spanish territory and is nowadays expanding to five continents. Due to our special characteristics based on large volumes and customers, we are able to react with the greatest flexibility to face the market requirements.

Sousas is reaching more homes all over the world every day. Our water, which has been well positioned in the national market for many years, started being commercialised in other continents some time ago.

Although China is where Sousas’ water is most extensively established, our mineral water with low mineral content also reaches other countries, such as Germany, Angola, Belgium, Cyprus, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal, New Zealand, Panama and the USA.

Avenida Sousas, Nº 126, Verin, Ourense
988 384 200
Eva Rodríguez

Los productos de Aguas de Sousas

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