Adega O Cepado

Adega O Cepado was created in 2008 after a lifetime devoted to working and caring for our vineyards. It is a family winery located in Rubiá de Valdeorras, within the Valdeorras DO.

The altitude of 550 m and the calcareous and clay soils ensure the best possible conditions for producing first-class wines.

Our plots represent the union of 30 year-old vineyards and new plantations (Finca Pradogrande, Finca A Devesa, Finca Valdeseara). All of them are situated at an altitude higher than 600 m. They feature calcareous and clay soils, which make the production of wines of the highest quality possible.

C/ Patal, 11 – 32310 Rubiá (Ourense)
(+34) 686 61 15 89
Diego Fernández

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