A Vilerma

Bodega A Vilerma produces white and red wines exclusively with the grapes that grow in their 7-hectare plot located in A Vilerma, on the slopes of Gomariz, at the Avia Valley in the council of Leiro.

Since the beginning of the project, in 1977, Bodega A Vilerma has strived for the recovery of the ancestral quality and prestige of the wines within the Ribeiro DO by growing autochthonous grapes and implementing modern, respectful and slightly aggressive production techniques. The winery has always been determined to achieve the quality and elegance that characterise the good Ribeiro wines.

Throughout its history, Bodega A Vilerma has been acknowledged by the most prestigious professionals within the sector as well as by specialised media. However, on principle, the winery is not usually present at tastings or contests.

A Vilerma - Gomariz 32429 - Leiro - Ourense
+34 988 488 346
Joaquín Pérez Labrador -Quino-

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