Mauro Estevez (Harvester: José Estévez)

Mr José Estévez Álvarez began in 1940 to produce his own wines with the best grapes coming from his vineyards. At that time, he bottled a part of the wine for his own consumption and the rest was sold to the wine agents in the area. Little by little, his son Pepe suggested him to improve the production methods and start with the bottling and labelling of the wine for a proper sale and for leaving an imprint of the Ribeiro’s high quality.

Nowadays, Pepe continues with that legacy together with his son Mauro. Our small winery is based on tradition. Our vineyard covers 2.5 hectares and has an output of 13,000 Marco Estévez bottles, which is our most renowned product. Uxía da Ponte is the jewel of our winery. It is a 100% movarietal Lado-variety one-of-a-kind wine of which we only produce 700 bottles.

A Ponte - 32417 - A Arnoia, Ourense
617090616 - 696402970
Mauro Estévez

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